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  1. Likker

Our first bluegrass song... Celtic Style


Sun be shining the clouds are rolling lo
chickens are a squawking there aint nowhere to go
wife done left me I be laid off soon
life’s turned wrong way my dog done run away too………I NEED
*Likk-errrrr Hell, I don’t even know her
* The only LICK this body likes is liquor in a bottle at the bar
* Likk-errrr Hell, I don’t even know her
* Hey bartender keep on pouring ~ til I know her well,
and pass out on the floor
2. So I crawls into a bottle and there I mean to stay
pass out with my face in the dirt each and every day
My drinking buddies cry and tell me of their woes
In this damn saloon I hang out with drunks and hoes…………..I WANT
3. In a moment of clarity I wonder where she went
The woman I once had , the time we spent
When did it turn to dust I wooonnnnderr
That I wasn’t worth it did she soon discoverrrrr GIVE ME.
4. So the stars are shining in the late of night
I catch a glimpse of myself Im a real bad sight
Health is failing and I be fading fast
Grim reaper comes to get me at last…….. Bury me with