When we are kids parents are always trying to tell us what we should do when we grow up.. Face it..when we were young all we wanted to be was a pirate!


When I was a wee lad my papa told me so
Be an accountant making numbers work for you
keeping you safe puts a roof over yer head
guarantee youre future and get yer family fed
I say No no no, im wanna be a pirate (NO NO NO)
Wanna travel on the seas (NO NO NO)
don’t wanna be an (-------------) gonna live a life…. that’s free
When I was a kiddo daddy gave me advice
Study really hard & a good school you’ll find
Getchya lotsa training and a doctor you can be
Make a millyun dollars lad before your 33 . ‘
When I was a child.. Papa said son its not too late
Get into a law school .. you can be very great
Defending the meek and kick alotta ass
By the time your 40 youll have saved a ton of cash
When I was a small boy Daddy said you will see
If ya Work really hard and keep your nose clean
Go to an IVY schools, be a winner of achievement
If yo savy enough you can be the president