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  1. im lost

Song written about navigating relationships through the trials and tribulations they offer


Im Lost

The two of us - weve been wandering ….all across these twisting lands
Looking to touch each others hearts,…. placing trust in each others hands
Comprehending things we could never understand like if our love is true
Still trying to see if you’re the one for me or if im the one for you
…Cause im lost…
I lost my compass in the middle of the woods and im lost
My map burned up and I got no direction im lost
My guide done died and im deep in a swamp im lost
Im stuck in a maze and it all looks the same im lost
Well our love is like a mountain trek that’s getting steeper as we go
The terrain is all so treacherous my toes are growing numb
I feel like im teetering on the edge that’s so dizzying
But the conscience keeps on telling me to keep on climibing
Avoiding every pitfall tumbling across the rocky shoals
Sinking in the mud, tripping through the trails, falling into every hole
Just when you think everythings going right you take a crazy turn
Getting too close to the fire and suffering a nasty burn
The skies be clouding over & The waves are cresting high
Our love is rocking back and forth I feel like were gonna die
No land in sight, the stars are veiled ..dead reckoning is all I have
Our lives have taken a turn for the worst and I have nooo idea WHYYYYYY?