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  1. six stones

This song is based on the trials moonshiners in Ireland had to go through to avoid the Excise or tax men who wanted to tax them for making the Potcheen. Six stones was a unit of measurement for sugar, mash, potatoes etc.


Six Stones.. by: Christian Blochinger
Collect 100 gallons of the freshest water and throw it in the still
Fire up the turf heat up the wash don’t worry about the bill
Six stone of taters & six stone of sugar make sure to throw in the yeast
Clear the table for the buckets and the jugs and lets begin the feast

Away from the clutches of the law the wash is being made
Fermented ,distilled and hidden to prevent an coppers raid
Brought down the hills on the back of a donkey to the people of the land
Would make the people in the village celebrate & feel so feckin grand .

THey set up the still on the property line so it shant-be blamed on one.
When the taxman came round.. and tried to ruin the brewers fun
In the Hills smoke was a give-away to the coppers way up North,
They chose the windy weather to disperse the plumes o smoke.

So they fired up the still and ran for days to let the runs go through.
Set em up in the kitchen and even in the bedroom…and sometime in the loo
If they lost concentration and poorly made it could readily blind or kill.
SO make it well and gather round and everyone could have their fill .