Northglenn pirate Fest

E.B.Rains memorial park, Northglenn

Headliner: Pirates Ball Ye scurvy pirates have spoken and the Cap’n listened! In 2017 we are doin’ away with the Pirate Ball ticket for Friday night!

The event is STILL for adults only, and ye should come in your Captain Attire (or Pirate best) and there will be several food vendors to choose from that evening plus there will be plenty of grog – beer, rum and mead available fer all!

The Pirate Ball will include POTCHEEN on the Main Stage at 8pm, the opening of the mermaid stage, a bardic circle, sword fighting, a dinner, a walk-around treasure map contest, crowning of the “Pirate King”, and wonderful drinks.

This will be a social engagement for our pirates and costumes will be encouraged (if not expected).