Westword Music Showcase 2013 Recap

Music Showcase
Westword Music Showcase 2013 recap from Broadways
By Adam Steininger Mon., Jun. 24 2013 at 12:30 PM
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Christian Blochinger of Potcheen

Drummer, vocalist and Captain Christian Blochinger rocked a kilt and Nightmare Before Christmas socks as Potcheen punched in with a series of high-energy Irish folk rock standards. Most of the band's songs expressed its passion for copious amounts of "Alcohol!" as the line for the bar coincidentally increased and the crowd danced a jig. It wouldn't have been a proper Irish folk rock show full of alcohol-filled tales if they didn't cover Flogging Molly at the close of their set, "Finding ourselves in the same old mess singing drunken lullabies!"

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