Potcheen Nominated "BEST WORLD BAND"

Potcheen has been nominated in the 2010 Westword Music Showcase as "Best World Band"

you can go to: polls.westword.com/polls/den/musicshowcase/

Rock Your Vote! Coming up with the list of featured acts at the sixteenth annual Westword Music Showcase — which takes place on Saturday, June 19, 2010, in more than a dozen venues across the Golden Triangle — was an incredibly daunting task given the lineup we had last year. But somehow we pulled it off, and then some, booking Ghostland Observatory, Superchunk, Dirty Projectors, BoomBox, Neon Indian, Single File, Tickle Me Pink, Oh My Stars and Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights.

And we haven’t yet announced the local acts that will perform this year. We’ll be pulling those right from this ballot, our list of the very best performers in town in 39 categories. To compile it, we asked luminaries from every facet of the Denver scene to submit a list of the acts that had made the biggest impression on them over the past year. And now that the ballot has been assembled, we need your help in determining the winners in each of these categories. The deadline for all ballots is June 21 — which means you can cast your vote after hearing the bands at the Showcase.

See you there!

Ballots are due on Monday, June 21. Only one ballot per voter; ballot stuffing can and will be detected. Check no more than one band per category, or type your own choice in the space provided.

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